Uber-Ola Strike to be Continued on Its Ninth Day

The strike of the most promulgated and quotidian transportation is continued on Tuesday despite the persistent efforts by the management to stall it.

Despite holding discussions over the table for more than six hours, the deadlock between Ola, Uber driver partners and the management continued till late Monday evening. The strike will enter the ninth day in Mumbai on Tuesday.

On Tuesday morning, scores of commuters, specially daily office-goers and fliers at both airports, will be largely inconvenienced due to the strike going on for such a long period.

The management of both aggregator firms had called the drivers’ union for talks on Monday afternoon and hoped to resolve the issue amicably, sources said. The union leaders were adamant that all their demands should be fulfilled else the strike will continue indefinitely.

“We are yet to resolve a few things, which will be looked into on Tuesday morning, and so the strike will continue,” an union leader added. Said a Uber spokesperson:

“Uber acknowledges the ongoing strike in Mumbai has caused significant hardship to its riders and also to its driver partners, most of whom want to drive, but have been intimidated from doing so. Uber is proactively exploring all possible options to restore services and best support our driver partners.

In this respect, we have engaged with relevant stakeholders today to solve the impasse. We wish to reassure city authorities, our driver partners and riders that restoring services at the earliest remains our highest priority.”