‘Throw BJP Out of Power In 2019’: Urged Bhim Army Chief Chandrasekhar Azad

Hours after his release from jail, Pro-Dalit organization Bhim Army Chief Chandrashekhar Azad, said in a press conference held on Friday, that he will not contest the 2019 polls but will appeal his people to throw the ‘fascist’ BJP out of power in 2019.

“All that I had to go through, I will return them with interest in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls” said Azad.

Azad was first arrested for his alleged involvement in Saharanpur riots on 8 June 2017. On 2 November 2017 the Allahabad High Court granted him bail. However, a day later, he was arrested again under the provisions of the National Security Act, as preventive detention.

After the constant appeals of his ailing mother. The Uttar Pradesh government ordered the early release of Azad on Thursday, but he was released from prison at 2:24 am on Friday, 14 September.