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Jet Airways Forced to Ground Three for Non-Payments of Debts

Crisis-ridden Jet Airways on Tuesday was forced to ground three of its Boeing 737 planes due to non-payment of lease rentals, leading to cancellation of around 20 domestic flights, according to sources.

Investor’s Cautious Stride towards Jet Airways

Investors are usually excited at the prospect of an acquisition, more so when a foreign-owned company is a suitor. While the mandatory open offer holds out the promise of a windfall, there is a bump-up in valuations when an MNC tag is attached. In distress cases such as Jet Airways, existential worries also come to an end.

Jet Airways Chairman Naresh Goyal to Invest Up to Rs 700...

Jet Airways chairman Naresh Goyal is ready to invest up to Rs 700 crore in Jet Airways on the condition that his stake does not fall below 25%. Goyal’s offer comes against the backdrop of strategic partner Etihad reportedly putting forward strict conditions, including that Goyal should give up control, for infusing funds into the crisis-hit carrier.

Jet Airways Facing Financial Difficulties Default On Debt Payment

The 25-year-old airline is facing financial difficulties and owes money to pilots, lessors and vendors. Intense pricing competition, a weak rupee and rising fuel costs weighed on the country's airlines in 2018. Failed to pay Debt payment to bank

Is the Founder Naresh Goyal Biggest Obstacle for Jet Airways?

Jet Airways Ltd's 69-year-old founder Naresh Goyal, pursuit for control has emerged as a major obstacle as the indebted airline tries to negotiate a rescue deal, several people who have worked closely with him or known him over the years told media on condition of anonymity.

Jet Airways Flight Tickets Special Sales on 30% Discount

Private airline Jet Airways has come out with a discount offer (Year-end sale) under which flyers can get up to 30 percent discount on both domestic and international travel across its network.

Drowning Jet Airways Clutched to Lay-Off Employees to Cut Costs; Fired...

Jet Airways has resorted to lay off its employees.

Jet Airways’ Wounds Festering; Decided to Transfer Jet Airways ops to...

Jet Airways it has resolved to transfer Jet Airways ops to Etihad Airways.

Jet Airways: Independent Director Ranjan Mathai Quits

The departure comes as the airline struggles to keep itself afloat, with rising debt levels and higher oil prices weighing on profits.