Struck Ferry to Be Towed to Port

DFDS supported ferry carrying 335 passengers was struck in the Baltic sea on Monday when reports of fire breaking out in the boiler room was administered by the news channels.

According to the DFDS officials no one is accorded injured and no fire was broken out in the ship. It was just vibrations and smoke prompted by technical issues, alleged officials.

He could not say whether the passengers and crew were in any danger and said the ferry would have to be towed to port.

The company said the ferry would be towed to the Lithuanian port town of Klaipeda, where it was heading from Kiel in Germany when it experienced technical problems.

This abnegation of fire catching ferry is contrary to the previous announcement by the Defence Ministry.

Earlier Lithuania’s Defence Ministry said “the fire has been extinguished” and that four Lithuanian military ships were heading towards the ferry and will reach it by 1500 GMT.

The ferry, Regina Seaways, sent out a distress call at 1045 GMT and the Lithuanian military sent a helicopter to the vessel and has two more on standby if needed, a spokesman for the Lithuanian air force said.