Political Legends Put on A Show of Unity At George Bush’s Funeral

All political rival stood together in peace at the funeral of legendary political figure George H.W. Bush as America bade farewell to its 41st President.

Donald and Melania Trump shared a front row pew at Washington National Cathedral with past Presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and their wives as an honour guard brought Bush’s flag-draped casket into the packed prayer hall.

George W. Bush delivered a rousing and deeply personal eulogy — at times punctuated by laughter — as he sang the praises of his father, who died on Friday at age 94. “He was born with just two settings — full throttle, then sleep,” Mr. Bush said. “To us, his was the brightest of a thousand points of light,” he added in reference to his father’s signature call to volunteerism.

Since Bush’s death, Mr. Trump has traded his usual provocative posture for one of respect and solemnity, tweeting before heading to the cathedral about “a day of celebration for a great man”.

Mr. Trump arrived and promptly shook hands with Mr. Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama. But his greetings stopped there, as he failed to acknowledge Hillary Clinton, his defeated Democratic rival in 2016.

Ms. Clinton sat stone faced, looking straight ahead, and the pair did not make eye contact.

Other dignitaries in the cathedral included Britain’s Prince Charles; German Chancellor Angela Merkel; former Polish President Lech Walesa; former Vice-Presidents Dan Quayle, Dick Cheney, Al Gore and Joe Biden; and former Secretaries of State James Baker, Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice.