Go Batty with I-City Leisure Park!

i-city night

The one which can blow your mind off is the I-City Leisure Park which will get you a feel of outer space, get lost in a world of ghosts and shake hands with celebrities at the I-City Leisure Park.

Walk into Red Carpet, Malaysia’s home-grown interactive wax museum spread over 30,000 sq ft, housing around 100 wax figures of superheroes, pop and cinema stars and or try the numerous rides at WaterWorld.

Take a break from the sultry Malaysian weather at SnoWalk, an artificially-frozen space spread across 50,000 sq ft, where the temperature is -5 degrees Celsius. Let your boots sink into 100 mm of snow on the floor, try making a snow-man or go ice-sliding.

Apart from the House of Horror, Trick Art Museum and a magical park to relive childhood memories, the highlight of I-City is the outdoor ‘lightscape’, featuring a range of theme rides located in a patch of orderly grown pine and maple trees that come alive with a million LED lights in the evenings. The lightscape is the new night tourism destination, as the place is lit till midnight.