Giving Wings to a Dream Career as an Air Hostess

Most girls grow up with stars in their eyes thinking about their dream career: as an air hostess with a topflight airline. While multiple openings are available in the aviation industry, in-flight jobs such as an air hostess are generally most sought after due to the greater glamour quotient.

For the record, major openings in aviation comprise airport operations, marketing & communications, sales & ticketing, customer services, aviation security, passenger handling, and airport management, among others. For girls wishing to reach for the stars, however, the top preference has always been as an air hostess or flight steward. But such dreams remain stillborn for many, simply failing to take off the runway. There are numerous reasons for the lack of success, including the core concern of not being properly groomed for such a prestigious vocation.

Grooming for Success
Thanks to Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training, lack of grooming concerns are all in the distant past. One of India’s premier vocational training centres, Frankfinn is now acknowledged as the world’s number one air hostess training institute. Its courses are held in high esteem not only in the aviation sector but in the hospitality, travel management and customer service segments too.

Comprehending the importance of being relevant in seemingly diverse-yet-interrelated domains, the Institute has tie-ups with various industry bodies. Thereby, industry trends and evolving demands are recognised and addressed well in time through proactive mechanisms rather than reactive course corrections. To augment the practicality of their training, the institute trains its students on CRS (Computerised Reservation System), which is used widely by hotels and the travel industry.

The constant evolution and the unceasing quest for excellence have led to Frankfinn Institute being recognized as a company of repute and pre-eminence for its professionally-oriented courses. Attesting to its credibility within the industry, it has won the ‘Best Air Hostess Training Institute’ award for seven consecutive years, conferred by ASSOCHAM. It has also won ASSOCHAM’s Gold Award for the ‘Best Higher Vocational Institute for Skill Development’ two years in a row.

Significantly, Frankfinn has an ‘approved training partner’ tie-up with the National Skill Development Corporation – a public-private partnership operating under the aegis of the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Government of India. As a top-line aviation training institute, it even has exclusive worldwide tie-ups with global aviation and training entities, further augmenting the relevance of its training degrees, diplomas and certification programmes.

It has an exclusive strategic global tie-up with ICM – a renowned UK-based institute – accrediting all its vocational training courses in aviation, hospitality and travel management. Founded more than three decades ago, ICM is recognised in more than 130 countries. Certification from ICM enables students to apply for entry to relevant graduate/postgraduate degree programmes in various reputed colleges and universities worldwide, where ICM has tie-ups giving students best opportunities to study around the world.

Placement Records
The Institute’s placement record certifies its pedigree as it holds a proven track record of placing thousands of students in Aviation, Hospitality, Travel, Tourism and Customer Service industries via its Placement Assistance Cell (PAC), which provides placement assistance to students after completion of courses.

No wonder the Limca Book of Records has repeatedly certified Frankfinn’s Best Cabin Crew placement track record, whereby it has placed more air hostesses than all the other similar academies combined. Placements have been done in leading national and international airlines such as Etihad, Yemen Airways, Singapore Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Emirates, Oman Air, British Airways, Lufthansa, Virgin Airlines, Air India, Jet Airways and others, to name a few.

Additionally, thousands of other candidates have been placed in ground roles with airlines and in the hospitality, travel and customer service organisations such as the Leela Group, Oberoi Group, Taj Palace, Hyatt, Shangri-La, Radisson, InterContinental Hotels, J W Marriott, Ginger Hotels, Trident Group, Travel Port, Make My Trip, SOTC, BWFS, Celebi, Qatar Duty Free and others. In addition, Frankfinn has the largest network of state-of-the-art centres in India, apart from its international operations and presence in Dubai, Mauritius and Hong Kong.

Hands-on Training
Nowadays, simulation plays a pivotal role in driving hands-on practical training. Accordingly, its centres house mock aircraft cabins allowing students a realistic idea about the inside of an aircraft. This speeds up the training process, helping candidates get acquainted with an aircraft’s interiors from day one, playing a great role in helping such candidates hit the ground running from their first day on the job. The realistic aircraft ambience is further accentuated with well-equipped grooming rooms housing the latest multimedia audio-video systems.

The emergence of such professional aviation institute is facilitating faster hiring in aviation. The rich curriculum and wide range of courses have been creating a periodic pipeline of well-groomed candidates ready to don the flight steward’s uniform at relatively short notice. The training also involves English conversational skills since passengers can comprise foreign nationals not conversant with Indian languages. Other skills include pre-flight briefings of passengers; catering to passenger services during flight; medical assistance, if required; ensuring all safety protocols are adhered to; serving meals and refreshments; and preparing flight reports, besides other on-ground ancillary functions.

Whereas classroom knowledge is required, practical experience is most essential in completing the aspirant’s learning experience. Here, students are given detailed cabin services familiarisation of in-flight procedures through an association with India’s national carrier Air India. This is done via an in-flight experience for students where they experience all on-board modalities in seating, assisting and catering to passengers during a live flight.

With the aviation sector slated to grow 18% annually, the prospects will be sky high in the years ahead. Quite clearly, relevant training, adequate grooming and proper planning can make all the difference between flying high or remaining grounded when it comes to a career as an air hostess…