Donna Strickland- Third Women Who Bagged Nobel Prize for Physics

The third woman ever to receive a Nobel prize, Donna Strickland the most hidden person who did not have a Wikipedia page until yesterday, bagged the prize for her ultra-short lasers. Donna is the first female Physics prize winner in 55 years and also the first female Nobel laureate in any field in three years.

Before the prize she was wandering in the streets of darkness, nobody knew her name in this field. Gérard Mourou, who shared half of the prize with Donna, has a Wikipedia page since 2005.

Before winning the Nobel prize, Donna was previously mentioned in the Wikipedia article about Mourou.

Several people pointed out on Twitter that a Wikipedia editor had rejected a draft of an article about Donna as it failed to “show significant coverage about the subject.”

While Donna got her due recognition, Wikipedia has been often slammed for being more partial to men and not acknowledging the works of women, especially in the field of science.