Digital Wellbeing On its Way to Google Home Hub

Research to develop user friendly techniques so that they can use their devices better has now borne fruits as the much “Digital Wellbeing” is afoot to come to your home hub appliances.

It includes stats for app usage, screen unlocks, screen time, and more. These tools are invaluable if you’re worried about how much time you spend on devices, so now Google is rolling them out to more than phones.

“Downtime” and “Filters” are two of the best Digital Wellbeing tools and they will be available on the Google Home Hub. Downtime is essentially “Do Not Disturb” with more options, such as grayscale. On the Home Hub, Downtime shuts down all features other than critical things like alarms. Your kid won’t be able to ask for knock-knock jokes when they should be sleeping. Filters are great for parents. It provides controls for explicit music and YouTube videos, as well as the ability to restrict Google Assistant responses.

Google Home Hub isn’t the only product getting more Digital Wellbeing features. Phones will be able to use Assistant to access Digital Wellbeing tools. You can use your voice to turn on Downtime or ask how much you have used your phone that day. If you use Digital Wellbeing, this should make it even easier.

Pixel users on Android Pie can use Digital Wellbeing, as well as OnePlus 6 and Essential Phone users (with some work). Try it out today and you may be surprised to see how much time you spend on your phone. Look for these features to roll out “Soon.”