Delhi Metro cards won’t work in NMRC Aqua line

Delhi metro cards will be rendered useless when they won’t work for commuters in the aqua line. This means that the customers who have a Delhi Metro card to travel anywhere in Delhi Metro, can’t use the same for Aqua line. The Aqua line of Delhi Metro will have a new ticketing system. According to a Times of India report, Noida’s upcoming Aqua Line will incorporate a separate ticketing system and a security setup. Besides, it also has been reported that Aqua line won’t be having any interchange station between the Sector 72 station and the Sector 52 station on the Blue Line extension in Noida initially.

Citing sources from the the Noida Metro Rail Corporation, the report stated that the interchange between Aqua and Blue line will not be a “smooth affair”. It has also come to light that tickets and cards that have been issued by NMRC for the Aqua Line will not be valid on the blue line and vice versa.

Sources further told the publication that the NMRC would opt for an open card system, which means the metro card will double up to serve as a cash card as well. The Aqua Line metro card can also be used in a taxi, bus or even a mall, explained PD Upadhyay, executive director, NMRC.

The Noida-Greater Noida Metro (Aqua Line) is scheduled to be opened for public by October as the final trial is taking place over the entire 29.8-km strech. This link will connect Noida sector 71 to Delta 1 Metro station in Greater Noida.

The stations on the entire stretch as well as the coaches will be equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. The Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) has also focused a lot over the beautification of stations, including artistic designs, mural paintings, sculptures, among others.

For this NMRC will collaborate with the Shiv Nadar Foundation and along with another NGO that will work on the beautification. As per the agreement, NMRC will incur no cost on the project and the other parties will beautify the designated portions of stations.

NMRC had earlier conducted a bid for co-branding of stations to generate revenue. Under this, the NMRC had invited bids from companies to sell naming rights for all the 21 stations for a period of 10 years. The proposal received a good response and the winning bids will be finalised soon.

Apart from this, all the stations will also have a multi-nodal traffic integration plan. According to this plan, designated spaces for parking of buses, taxis, e-rickshaws and even a vendor zone at all stations will be provided. A City One card, in collaboration with the State Bank of India, will also be issued to commuters. This is a multi-wallet card that will be applicable in the Metro, parking area, buses and even for payment of Noida and Greater Noida utility services.