Construction Activities Only in Daytime In and Around Delhi-NCR Still Air Quality Index Deteriorating

Soaring air quality index on Tuesday manifested failure of the agencies which are trying to prune air pollution in Delhi-NCR as the air quality index (AQI) again slipped to ‘very poor’ category on Tuesday.

The Delhi’s air quality was recorded 286 at PM 10 level and 373 at PM 2.5 level in ‘Poor’ and ‘Very Poor’ categories respectively at Lodhi Road. Although the overall air quality was recorded in the ‘severe’ category.

Even though Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority has directed that all city’s construction activities to be conducted only during daytime the pollution level has slightly increased. Meanwhile, EPCA on Monday also warned that if the air quality in Delhi continues to deteriorate then it would impose a complete ban on the use of non-CNG private as well as commercial vehicles.

In order to combat the air pollution, EPCA has also allowed entry of only those vehicles into the city which are stranded at the Delhi borders. They have asserted that the authorities will be exempt from paying the toll or Environment Compensation Charge (ECC) from 11 pm on November 12 to 7 am on November 13.

Reportedly, they mentioned that by relaxing the payment of toll-ECC, the trucks can move without any stop and this will reduce congestion and reduce pollution. However, following the constant degradation of the capital’s air quality, “no new trucks” will be allowed to enter the national capital. Also, the ongoing construction activities will only be allowed during the daytime from 6 AM to 6 PM.

Meanwhile, Delhi’s Environment Minister Imran Hussain called a meeting with authorities and asked them to control local sources of pollution.