‘Bangla’- A New Name To West Bengal

All parties, Including The BJP, The Congress And The Left, Agreed Over The Proposal Of Name Change. The Resolution Will Now Be Sent To The Centre For Its Approval To Kolkata: The West Bengal Assembly On Thursday Unanimously Passed A Resolution To Hange The Name Of The State From West Bengal To Bangla In All Languages.

In 1947 During The Partition The British Province Of Bengal Was Split Into West Bengal, Which Stayed With India, And East Pakistan (formerly East Bengal) Which Went To The Newly Created Pakistan. While East Pakistan Went On To Become Bangladesh In 1971, Its Indian counterpart continued To Be Called West Bengal. The State Assembly Had Passed A Resolution To Change The Name Of West Bengal To ‘Bengal’ in English, ‘Bangla’ In Bengali And ‘Bangal’ In Hindi On August 29, 2016. The Union Ministry Of Home Affairs Rejected The Proposal Saying That A State Cannot Have Three Different Names In Three Different Languages.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee Wants To Rename West Bengal As It will Help The State To , Move Up The Alphabetical Order In Any Official Circular List Prepared By The Central Government: As Of Now West Bengal Sits At The Bottom Of The Table.The Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee Attended Inter State Council meeting In New Delhi On July 16, She Shared her Disapproval With Close associates, Saying She Was Made To Speak At The Very End, “After Six Hours Of Waiting When None Was Willing To Listen.”

Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay Well Known Bengali Author welcomed move And Said, “I Am Very Happy That Now West Bengal Will Be Known As Bangla. This Could Have Happened Earlier Because There Is No Logic In Keeping The Prefix ‘West’ After The Partition. There Was No Logic At All.”

The Former Head Of The Department Of Sanskrit, Calcutta University, Sitanath Goswami, Opposed The Move. He said, “With This Move, I Think There Is An Attempt To Dilute The Idea Of Greater Bangla Which Was There Before The Partition. Even Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fought For This.