Avishkaar Box to Avishkaar: A journey unrestricted from the confines of a ‘box’

Taking its first steps in year 2010, Avishkaar Box has become Avishkaar in 2018, having come leaps and bounds over the past eight years. Starting as a service provider at first. then transforming into a provider of solutions, Avishkaar has now evolved into a product company with an eagle-eyed focus towards spurring creativity and innovation amongst the children.

Leaving the ‘box’ behind, the company has now changed its name from Avishkaar Box to Avishkaar with tagline – “Make We Can”. Their new designed logo compliments the current brand name thus, highlighting the inventive spirit.  The change also signals an intent towards having a cleaner and crisper brand name and is inspired by their own out of the box thought process;  ideas that are unbridled and free from the confines of a ‘box’.

The journey of Avishkaar began with one man’s dream to bring innovation to classrooms, which has now morphed into a group of 85 people whose relentless aim is to inspire a maker in each one of us. Continuing the dream over the years, the company has spread its arms all across the country by carving a presence in all the states via its channel network and staunch product development (hardware, software, web and industrial design team). In addition to a robust Product team, the company has noteworthy Marketing, Events, Channel Development and Curriculum & Training team as well.

The company has set up Robotics/Tinkering/Science Labs in close to 700 schools across the country. Avishkaar’s IRC League is the biggest Science and Technology competition in the whole of South Asia and has close to 50,000 students participating every year. Also, Avishkaar Makeathon is an annual event dedicated to science and technology which extends an opportunity to the ambitious people/students to be at the forefront of the innovation to explore their passions and showcase their dream ideas.

Mr. Tarun Bhalla, Founder & CEO, Avishkaar said, “Change is inevitable for growth and with time we strive to get better and bring out more innovative ideas. As there is a maker in each one of us, our Current brand name ‘Avishkaar’ and the tagline “Make We Can” completely justifies our motive to identify the creator within.”

While talking about the expansion plans he further added, “After setting benchmarks in India, Avishkaar endeavors to spread its wings internationally. The company is currently planning to reach the Asian and African markets beginning with Africa”.