‘Aquaman’ First Reactions are Highly Positive: It releases in India on December 14

Unlike Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC Extended Universe couldn’t rise above the heavy weight of peoples’ expectations. While the reactions to Man of Steel were diverse, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice received was panned all around, so was Suicide Squad and the big-budget bomb that was Justice League. The only movie that gave them a respite was Petty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot. Since its release, Wonder Woman is considered the best DCEU movie and one of the best superhero movies of all time.

But it looks like the King is here to claim that title. Aquaman starring Jason Momoa had an early press screening. And as soon as the embargo was lifted, critics took to Twitter and expressed their opinion on the superhero epic. After reading several Twitter reactions, one thing is for sure, Aquaman is more towards Wonder Woman than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice or Justice League. The general consensus is that Aquaman is a blast. And in fact, many are claiming it to be the best DCEU movie and even the best DC movie since The Dark Knight. Which means Aquaman is better than The Dark Knight Rises and Wonder Woman. Well, it looks like Warner Bros. have finally got a huge win on their hands in the form this Jason Momoa starrer.

It fills my heart with joy that we’ll be getting an epic superhero film next month. And while we are weeks away from the release of the film, the silver lining is that it’s releasing a week in advance in India on December 14.