Alarming Call for Parliament Owing to Chinese Intrusion at Doklam

Chinese infrastructure construction near Doklam has becoming a rising concern for the Indian government as a parliamentary panel sat on Monday for the discussion on the future course of action.

“Chinese infrastructure built uncomfortably close to the tri-junction has not yet been dismantled” said the Parliamentary panel.

While the government has categorically denied that there is any direct threat presently from Chinese troops, the Standing committee on External Affairs has said that it is always better to have a sense of “healthy scepticism” while dealing with China.

“Even if they have withdrawn their troops from Doklam for the time being, China’s strategic intentions should not be taken casually. The Committee would, therefore, urge the Government not to let its vigil down in order to prevent any untoward incident in future,” the panel chaired by Congress MP Shashi Tharoor said in its report on India-China relations, including Doklam.

The panel, which has Congress President Rahul Gandhi as its member, said that it understands that the Chinese intrusion at Doklam was a blatant but unsuccessful attempt to unilaterally change the status quo by shifting the India, Bhutan, China tri-junction from Batang La to Gyomochen, thereby seriously affecting India’s security interests by enhancing China’s ability to dominate the vulnerable Siliguri corridor.

“Doklam was not a sovereignty issue for India, as the disputed territory was Bhutanese, but nevertheless it was a major security challenge for us,” the panel has said.

While appreciating the “brave and timely action” by security forces which checked road construction activity by PLA troops in south Doklam, it also complimented “skilful diplomatic efforts” of the MEA due to which the stand-off was “defused without bloodshed”. It expressed “concern” about reports alluding to Chinese presence around Doklam plateau.