Airtel offer Highest Download Speed in India, Jio has Highest 4G availability: Report

Airtel remains the top telecom provider when it comes to download speeds for 4G mobile connectivity, while Jio continues to have highest availability of 4G LTE in India, according to OpenSignal’s ‘Mobile Network Experience’ report for November 2018 for India.

In terms of download speeds, Airtel has the highest speed of 7.53Mbps, followed by Reliance Jio and Vodafone with 5.47Mbps and 5.20Mbps download speed experience respectively. Idea and BSNL have download speeds of 4.92Mbps and 2.70Mbps respectively.

In terms of upload speed experience, Idea tops with 2.88Mbps speeds in India. Vodafone has upload speeds of 2.31Mbps, while Airtel, Reliance Jio and BSNL recorded 1.90Mbps, 1.58Mbps, and 0.78Mbps upload speeds respectively. Of course, in terms of 4G LTE these speeds are still no where near global standards. If one considers the upload speeds for 4G networks, these fare worse than downloads.

Reliance Jio has the highest 4G availability among the 22 telecom circles in India, standing at 96.70 per cent, notes OpenSignal’s latest report. Jio was followed by Airtel at 73.99 per cent and Idea at 73.17 per cent. Vodafone’s 4G availability was measured at 72.59 per cent.

“Our 4G Availability winner Jio continues to grow from 96.4 per cent to 96.7 per cent in our analysis — hugely impressive since 4G Availability scores of over 95 per cent are very rare — particularly remarkable in a relatively new LTE market like India,” OpenSignal said in its ‘Mobile Network Experience’ report for November 2018 for India.

Another interesting aspect was the video experience analysis, which was topped by Airtel with a score of 39.30 out of 100. Reliance Jio was at a close 38.63 followed by Vodafone at 38.55 and Idea with a score of 37.56 respectively. BSNL scored 28.25 out of 100.

The report notes that the time spent by Indians on watching videos online on their mobile devices has increased. As a result, telecom operators like Airtel have begun bundling Netflix subscriptions with its plans while Jio has signed deals with Zee and Viacom18 for content.

However, there is no correlation between the time Indian smartphone users spend on 4G and the quality of the mobile video experience they enjoy.

OpenSignal said in its report that it collected data over 90 days period from June 1 to August 29, 2018 across all of India’s 22 telecom circles. During this period it analysed more than 10.5 billion measurements from 1.7 million devices. The report ranks India’s five main operators – Airtel, BSNL, reliance Jio, Idea and Vodafone based on 4G availability, download and upload speed experience, latency experience as well as video experience.